Rostrum Education Revolutionizes the Education Industry with IntellectualDNA and RostrumLive

New Delhi: Rostrum Education, a premier education platform headquartered in New Delhi for students aspiring to study at top universities, has revolutionized the education industry in India with the launch of RostrumLive and IntellectualDNA.

Developed by Rostrum mentors which include Ivy League, Oxford and Cambridge admission officers, the IntellectualDNA test provides qualitative data analysis to guide students to their right academic paths. While many psychometric tests claim to ‘predict’ the ideal future career and study options, they mostly rely on generalised quantitative data. With the launch of IntellectualDNA, Rostrum Education aims to give each student undivided attention through essay-based tests wherein mentors manually analyze each student’s style of writing and way of thinking. The test is followed up with one-on-one meetings where the mentors recommend courses, universities and future job prospects to their students.

RostrumLive, on the other hand, uses modern Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning algorithms to connect students with the right mentors (subject specialists) and conduct purposive tests- all on a single platform using LMS (Learning Management Software). This platform makes it easier for mentors to tutor and counsel their students virtually, which is imperative during the COVID-19 era. Additionally, Rostrum Education is looking to expand globally with the launch of their new office in Dubai which makes use of all modern-day technologies to better assist students. The founders aspire to establish a new office branch every year, creating a global matrix of learning.

Mr. Yatharth Gulati, Co-Founder of Rostrum Education says, “We at Rostrum Education are constantly looking to innovate, and the key pillar of growth for us is our in-house technology that can manage students in a quality-first way. We believe it is important to add technology to the manual process of test analysis, which is why we came up with IntellectualDNA and RostrumLive. While many companies struggled to shift their businesses online during the COVID-19, we faced no hiccups as we have been making use of educational technology right from the inception of our organisation. And given the pandemic, we endeavour to go completely digital through our state-of-the-art software where we offer all our services on a single platform and make education accessible to students around the world.”

Mr. Sanjog Anand, Co-Founder of Rostrum Education says, “We are thrilled to announce the launch of IntellectualDNA and RostrumLive. At Rostrum Education, we strongly believe that technology, when used with intentionality and purpose, can expand our efficiency in serving our students and increase access to resources, thus contributing to overall student achievement. Keeping pace with technology is a matter of efficiency and expediency in program management and with RostrumLive we aim to ensure that students are receiving timely and consistent information through a single platform.”