Round Table & Ladies Circle India Distribute Preventive Health & Starter Kits to nearly 1000 Government School Students in Bangalore

Bangalore : Round Table India and Ladies Circle India, in partnership with Embassy REIT and its corporate partners, have taken up a Preventive Health and School Starter Kits distribution project to nearly 1000 students of the Government Urdu Model Primary School, Hegdenagar in Bangalore.

This is part of the continuous initiative to support underserved sections of society by Bangalore North Round Table 25 (BNRT 25) & Bangalore North Ladies Circle 14 (BNLC 14). The total cost of the project is INR 22,00,000 ( Twenty Two Lakhs)

The project ensures students have access to high-quality, safe, and useful products, as buying sanitary products and school supplies becomes a financial challenge to under-privileged families – sometimes resulting in a compromise on the quality of these items.

The Preventive Health Kit contains a sanitizer, reusable face masks, soaps, shampoo, a toothpaste, a toothbrush, a tongue cleaner and sanitary napkins for older girls. The School Starter Kit has a school bag, shoes, socks and stationery items, such as notebooks, pens, pencils, geometry box and crayons for younger children.

Expressing her gratitude to the patrons, Ms Shabnam, the Principal of the School, said, “We are thankful and overwhelmed by this thoughtful gesture of generous organizations including Embassy REIT, their corporate partners, Round Table India and Ladies Circle India, who support our students. With this, they can overcome their health and hygiene issues and keep our children safe and protected. The school starter kits will motivate the students and instill the joy of learning in our students and help create a conducive learning environment in the long run.”

Mr Amit Jain, Chairman of BNRT 25, said, “We are happy that this project involves a better route to education and health, which we believe are areas that infuse growth in a society. Apart from multiple community service activities across India, Round Table India also provides quality infrastructure through “Freedom Through Education” – a long-term project that focuses on building state-of-the-art education infrastructure for underprivileged children across India. We are extremely grateful to the Embassy REIT and its corporate partners for supporting us by providing required funds year on year.”

Ms Shaina Ganapathy, Head of Community Outreach, Embassy Group, said, “As part of our outreach initiatives, the students of Embassy’s adopted government schools receive health kits and health screenings on a regular basis to ensure they maintain a standard of health and hygiene.”


“Over the years, Embassy Group’s partnership with Bangalore North Round Table 25 & Bangalore North Ladies Circle 14 has become a relationship of trust. The comprehensive health program that we have provided to over 180 government schools across the country is largely credited to the support we receive from BNRT25. I am grateful for the active implementation of our programs that BNRT25 helps us with and look forward to a long and meaningful partnership that positively impacts children across India,” she added.


Ms Pooja Jain, Chairperson, BNLC 14, said, “I believe our initiative is timely and much-needed. All of us are change agents interested in making every effort to protect our children and their families. Apart from providing health and hygiene kits and spreading awareness to use them in the right manner, we also take utmost care to educate them about self-care and concern for others.”