Routine health services remain unaffected at District hospital Kulgam; Oxygen plant fully functional, buffer stock of bulk oxygen cylinders and oxygen concentrators also available

Kulgam: Routine outpatient services, emergency services including dialysis ,obstetric and paediatric services have remained unaffected at District Hospital Kulgam and non-covid patients are also getting full attention.

“Even though the second wave has caused an upsurge of cases in district Kulgam too, however District Hospital Kulgam has continued its services for covid and non covid patients”, said Medical Superintendent Kulgam, Dr. Muzzafar Ahmad.

While giving details about functioning of the hospital, Medical superintendent said that foolproof mechanism has been put in place to continue COVID and Non COVID patient care simultaneously at the hospital and it was decided in the best interests of patient care not to suspend OPD and other emergency & obstetric services at the hospital.

Besides roster of doctors for tele-consultation has also been put in place and people have availed Tele consultation services freely.

At COVID-19 dedicated Hospital in MCH complex, more than 274 severely ill & critical COVID patients who required high flow oxygen have been treated.

Besides all covid care and other essential medicines & food have been provided free at District Hospital Kulgam to these patients, Dr.Muzzafar added.

We have more than 110 oxygenated beds and 10 ICU Beds in place and the hospital has maintained uninterrupted oxygen supply and requisite covid care drugs & logistics necessary for COVID patient management, Medical Superintendent added.

“We have already installed 1000 LPM oxygen generation plant and a second 1000 LPM plant will be installed by the end of next month,” he said.

“In addition we have availability of 35 oxygen concentrators and 140 oxygen bulk cylinders as a buffer to maintain uninterrupted oxygen supply and so far we have never fallen short of oxygen supply at this hospital,” MS said.

Till date during the second wave of COVID-19 the hospital has successfully treated more than 274 critical covid patients and registered in respect of non-covid health care, OPD patient flow of more than 68000 patients has been recorded since the beginning of April.

The Medical Superintendent stated that more than 476 major surgeries of emergency nature including 313 LSCS have been performed at this hospital.

For the last one week we are witnessing decline in COVID positivity rate as well as bed occupancy rate in COVID-19 wards which is a positive development, Dr.Muzzafar concluded.

This institution will serve patients with the same zeal and dedication in all possible ways and we shall overcome this pandamic soon and all we need to do is to stick to SOPs and to get vaccinated, Dr. Muzzafer added.


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