Routledge commissions monograph by University of Tyumen researchers

UTMN will release a monograph in collaboration with one of the oldest and most reputable foreign publishing houses – Routledge. The monograph “Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Exploring New opportunities” will be published in English to have a bigger international outreach.

The publishing house initiated this project and offered Sergey Marochkin, Doctor of Jurisprudence and UTMN Professor, to be the Editor in Chief.

For the following month, UTMN carefully chose the authors to be featured in the monograph. When the concept of the monograph was reworked and finalized, the team was ready to form an application and present the book. After a triple-blind review, the editorial board decided to greenlight the book for publication.
The team working on the monograph consists of 31 researchers from SCO member countries (Russia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, China, India). A significant part of them are employees of the UTMN Institute of State and Law.

Sergey Marochkin notes:
“Interest in the topic is quite understandable and justified in the context of stagnation of international communication and cooperation on a global scale. State’s focus has shifted to regional and interregional matters. New world powers have emerged and are gaining influence, especially in the Eurasian area. Thus, the study of the role and influence of international structures of new forces, one of which is the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation, is natural and relevant.”

Last year, the leading publishing house in Europe and the world, BRILL / NIJHOFF, published a monograph by Sergey Marochkin “The Operation of International Law in the Russian Legal system. A Changing Approach”. The work studies the significance of international law in the Russian legal system in the Post-Soviet Period.

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