Royal College of Art opens its graduate show to the world

New Delhi: The world’s number one Art and Design university, the Royal College of Art (RCA) has opened its celebrated graduate show online – RCA2020 – until 31 July 2020.

The RCA’s graduate exhibition is renowned for kickstarting the careers of famous designers, architects and artists who have become household names across the globe. RCA alumni include Sir James Dyson the inventor and industrial designer, David Hockney the influential artist, along with India’s Pradip Bose the Vice President Global Design at Tata Motors, Sandeep Ashwath the Associate Dean at Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, and Geeta Kupur the well known art critic, historian and curator.

Visitors to the online graduate show 2020 will be treated to the works of 850 exemplary students from around the world, something that was previously possible only if you were in the city of London. Visitors can discover collections of graduate work by leading lights from the creative industry including Sir Jony Ive, RCA Chancellor and Apple Designer, and India’s Sandhini Poddar, Art Historian & Consulting Curator for Guggenheim Abu Dhabi. The online showcase also allows potential employers and collaborators to discover talented graduates.

The Royal College of Art takes pleasure in introducing Rakhee Shenoy, a talented graduate from Bengaluru with an MA in Textiles. A reflection of her time spent in London’s iconic Hyde Park and her travels, Rakhee’s graduate project, Nature to Weave, is a collection of tapestries and prints inspired by the complexity of colour, texture and form that is found in nature. Upon graduating from the Royal College of Art, Rakhee plans to work in Bengaluru, specialising in the ethical production of woven textiles for interior spaces.

The virtual graduate show can be accessed here:

View the projects of Rakhee Shenoy and other talented Indian artists and designers, including Rashmi Bidasaria from Mumbai (MA Design Products), Kaushikee Gupta from Assam (MA Contemporary Art Practice), Deepak Kathait from New Delhi (MA Photography), Shardul Shekhar from New Delhi (MA Painting), Saumya Singhal from Mumbai (MA Service Design), Aarushi Kalra from Delhi (MA Interior Design), and Avirukh Roy from Kolkata (MA Intelligent Mobility).

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