Rozgar Setu portal becomes the basis of life for migrant labourers;3,457 migrant labourers get employment

Bhopal : The Rozgar Setu portal launched in order to provide employment to migrant labourers in the state according to their skills and efficiency have started yielding results. Through this initiative taken by the Chief Minister Shri Shivraj Singh Chouhan, a large number of migrant labourers are getting employment in factories, construction works and commercial institutions at local level as per their skills. Shri Sanjay Parwal, who returned to his hometown Ashta due to lockdown, says that he used to work as a driver in Raipur district of Chhattisgarh. But he had to return to his hometown due to the lockdown. He was in search for employment for sustenance of his family. Meanwhile, he got the information about the Rozgar Setu portal of Madhya Pradesh government. He got registered on the portal. A few days after registration, he was informed about a job provided by Ashta Municipality. He has been employed as a labourer by Ashta municipality at a monthly salary of around Rs 9000.

Shri Sunil Kakudia, a resident of Bhopal, got employment through the Rozgar Setu portal in Dilip Buildcon Company. Shri Sunil says that he was working in Nashik, Maharashtra for the last 2 years and came back home due to Corona crisis. He started searching for employment for survival and livelihood of his family. The lockdown was making it difficult to find a jobt. On receiving information about the Rozgar Setu portal started by the Madhya Pradesh government, Shri Kakudia got himself registered on the portal. Soon after registration, he got work in Dilip Buildcon Ltd. Shri Kakudia said that now he will not have to go to any other state for work after getting employment in the hometown itself.

After doing an I.T.I. Electrician’s course, Shri Saurabh Kumar Maithil, who is also a degree holder was working as an electrician in Jaipur, he had to come back home due to Corona. Soon after returning he had to face employment crisis. It was becoming difficult to fulfill responsibilities of his family. Meanwhile, 24-year-old Saurabh got information about Rozgar Setu portal through various means of communication. He came to know that special initiative has been taken by the Government of Madhya Pradesh to provide employment to the migrant labourers. Without further delay, he resorted to the Rozgar Setu portal. Thanks to the portal, he got an opportunity to become an electrician at Hindustan Petroleum’s refill plant at Pilukhedi, an industrial area in Rajgarh district. While Shri Saurabh got satisfaction with his job of Rs. 15 thousand per month, his family is also very happy.

Through the portal, so far 3,457 migrant labourers have got employment as skilled labourers and a process to provide skilled employment to 9 thousand 938 labourers is underway. Job cards have been provided to 3 lakh 6 thousand 956 unskilled migrant labourers and one lakh 31 thousand 667 migrant labourers have been provided work under the MNREGA.

Rozgar Setu portal is also an effective platform for employers to easily get skilled / unskilled labourers as per their requirement. So far, 15 thousand 863 employers have registered themselves on this portal. These include 3 thousand 827 micro, small and medium industries, 419 large industries, 5 thousand 176 contractors, 198 builders, 428 placement agencies and 1316 other commercial establishments.

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