RUDN: “Ecology”, “History and Archeology”, “Construction” and 15 other fields of RUDN University are among the best in the rating “Three missions of the University” — 2022

The subject rating “Three missions of the University” — 2022 was issued. It shows the best universities in 29 separate fields. RUDN University, like MSU, is represented in 18 ratings.
Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia showed the best result in the field of “Ecology” — the 3rd place, “History and Archeology” and “Construction” — the 4th position in the ranking. In the subject areas “Philology and Journalism”, “Sociology” and “Oil and gas business” — the 5th place. In “Mathematics”, “Chemistry” and “Linguistics and foreign languages” RUDN University ranks 6th place. RUDN University is in the top 10 fields of “Law”, “Materials Technology”, “Medicine”, “Management” and “Geology”. In the field of “Medicine” the 9th place among all universities, the 1st place — among the Ministry of Education and Science.

The subject ratings of the “Three Missions of the University” in 29 fields of training were presented at an open meeting of the members of the Council of the Russian Union of Rectors.

In total, 136 universities from 41 regions of Russia were included in 29 published rankings. The universities of Moscow and St. Petersburg are the most widely represented in the subject lists — 40 and 17 universities, respectively. Tatarstan (6 universities) and Bashkortostan (5 universities in the lists of the best) follow by a wide margin.

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