RUDN helps Rosatom to develop cooperation with Africa

In Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia representatives of RUDN University and ROSATOM held open lectures on the features of Russian higher education in the field of nuclear energy.
The joint educational project of RUDN and Rosatom in Africa featured lectures of University and state corporation experts on the possibilities of Russian nuclear education for schoolchildren and students of Rwanda, Uganda and Ethiopia. The project covered almost 600 people.

The lecture “The Role and Place of Russia in Nuclear Engineering Training” became a starting point in cooperation between Russian and African universities in training specialists for the nuclear industry, as well as related areas (medicine, economics, management and jurisprudence).

In Ethiopia, lectures were held in two metropolitan universities: Addis Ababa University of Science and Technology and Addis Ababa University, and two schools: Progress Academy and the Oromia Development Association boarding school.

In Rwanda, representatives of RUDN University and the base universities training students for Rosatom State Corporation held open lectures and meetings with students and teachers of the University of Rwanda and the College of Science and Technology of Rwanda. Kigali Lyceum School and King David Academy in Kigali also hosted open lessons.

In Uganda, the main partner of the project was the largest and oldest university in the country – Makerere University. The second open lecture was held at the University of Kyambogo in Kampala. The cycle of lessons ended at two international schools of the country: Kyambogo and Horizon.

The cooperation of Rosatom and RUDN allows developing international inter-university cooperation on the African continent, and increases interest in Russian nuclear education and Russian technologies in Africa.