RUDN: The first World Cup among students in powerlifting is to be be held at RUDN

More than 200 students from 40 countries will come to RUDN in July, 2022, to fight for the World Cup in powerlifting.
In 2019, powerlifting was included in the sports program of the annual University World Cups. All these competitions are united by the International University Sport Federation (FISU). FISU develops and promotes sports among students all around the world.

RUDN is all about sport:
RUDN University has been participating in the FISU Healthy Campus project for three years.
The University has more than 20 sports sections – from arm wrestling to fitness aerobics. The national powerlifting team has 19 students: 6 girls and 13 boys.
There are world champions in karate, kempo-karate, kickboxing, pankration, sumo, dance sports, fitness aerobics among the students.
Head of RUDN sports complex is an Olympic champion in athletics.
Preparations for the Cup started in December 2020. Athletes will compete for 19 sets of awards:

16 – individual classification;
2 – in the absolute category;
1 – in the team competition.
The winners will be determined on July 25-29, 2022.