RUDN: THE rankings: RUDN University is in the top 500 best universities in “Social Sciences”

The rankings assess 13 indicators in 5 areas of indicators: “Teaching”, “Research”, “Citation”, “International outlook”, “Income from industry”. The success of RUDN University was facilitated by a significant growth in the “Academic reputation” indicator, as well as the maximum score of the “Share of international students” indicator (91.8 points).

The results of rankings in the areas of “Education” and “Business and Economics” were also published. In “Education”, RUDN University was ranked among the best in the world in terms of the “Share of international students” (100 points). In “Business and Economics” RUDN University showed growth in 10 indicators out of 11.

RUDN University is represented in 8 out of 11 subject rankings of THE WUR by Subject 2022:
“Natural Sciences” — 301-400;
“Life Sciences” — 501-600;
“Medicine” — 601+;
“Engineering and Technology” — 501-600;
“Computer Science” — 601-800;
“Education” — 201-250;
“Social Sciences” — 401-500;
“Business and Economics” — 501-600.