Rusha and Blizza release their second EP to touch your souls ‘Sutra’

Delhi: Producers/DJs, Rusha & Blizza in association with Alfa Records, are all set to launch ‘Sutra’ after the overwhelming and humbling response for its first EP ‘Mudra’. The duo digging their feet into the fertile ground of folk, electronic and experimental music with their new EP ‘Sutra’. Across six tracks, we hear an interconnected emphatic, genre-fluid approach that incorporates sound design and beat-making, arguably catapulting the duo into an elevated territory in the Indian music realm.

The EP titled ‘Sutra’ and song names (spelling out a mystique-heavy utterance about nature and continuity) reveals this transcendent sonic experience addressing the thread of existence, Kaise, Barse, Hawa, Hoye, Kaal, and Anth are the names of the tracks. The entire EP represents Movement & Transition, and a gyro on the cover is a symbol of being firmly rooted, put together they Portray “Out of Chaos Breeds Clarity.


In fact the track ‘kaise’ has an interesting video coming out on 24th of Oct 2020. It explains how amidst pain and confusion, you meet your own self and the entire transition of choosing freedom and moving forward.


Working together for years, Rusha & Blizza, although ruling their professional lives on one side; have always managed to keep their passion for music alive through their creations. The duo craft indefatigable bass booms, tribal energy, and vocal hooks, borrowing from different Indian traditional strains for seemingly constructed chaos. ‘Sutra’ comes across as a breath of fresh air on each listen, for its intricate sonic blueprint as well as an untried approach to electronic music.


Speaking on the EP Launch, Sarthak Kush, founder of Alfa Records quotes,” This is clearly a genius of these guys coming together to make something new and give a new drive to music in India. I am super-duper excited to see how family-like fans are going to react to it, the new EP has a substance which will definitely entice the listeners.”