RV University offers India’s first Apprenticeship-based UG programme in Decision Sciences

Bengaluru: Bengaluru-based RV University (RVU) and Mu Sigma have signed an MoU to offer a unique four-year B.Sc. (Hons.) programme in Decision Sciences. This is the first Apprenticeship-based UG programme in India along the lines of the Co-Op concept from US and Canadian universities.

This four-year programme offered by the School of Computer Science and Engineering at RVU allows students to learn from the University and train as apprentices at Mu Sigma simultaneously with 50% duration of the programme as an apprenticeship at Mu Sigma.

The job-oriented curriculum is jointly designed and delivered by RV University’s School of Computer Science and Engineering, and Mu Sigma Which is the world’s largest pure-play data analytics firm providing data science solutions.

During this programme, students will get an opportunity to work on existing problems of Fortune 500 companies. They will spend 50% of their time working on real projects and the other half at the University, developing a strong foundation in fundamentals, skills in the rising technical field of decision sciences, and life skills that are critical for their future.

In his reaction, Mr. Dhiraj Rajaram, CEO and Founder of Mu Sigma said “I am delighted to announce our partnership with RV University’s School of Computing. RV University is a storied Institution that has contributed scholars and professionals to India and the world for over 8 decades. The School of Computing at RV University will be a new avenue for the Institution to contribute to nation building. We are proud to partner with the University to launch the B.Sc. (Hons.) programme in Decision Sciences.

Welcoming the signing of MoU, Vice Chancellor, RVU, Prof. Y.S.R. Murthy said, “We are proud to partner with Mu Sigma in offering this unique programme in Decision Sciences. This collaboration will further research and innovation. The National Education Policy (NEP) 2020 has emphasized, among other things, apprenticeships and learning-by-doing. The collaboration with Mu Sigma will equip students better to meet the demands of the evolving workforce. This apprenticeship model will empower students with relevant work experience and essential soft skills, thus making them more employable. This programme will provide students with a solid grounding and will enable them to assume future leadership roles in the industry”.

As per India Skills Report 2022, automation and smart machines will replace over 20 million jobs by 2030. It is estimated that more than 133 million new jobs will be created as early as


2022. There is an increased need for highly skilled data professionals, who can simplify the data with rich insights and use critical thinking and analytical abilities for better and optimal decision-making prospects for the enterprises”.

Dr Sanjay Chitnis, Dean, School of Computer Science and Engineering said, “This is a one-of-a-kind programme in India. It is designed collaboratively with Mu Sigma to train decision science and analytics experts. During the course, students will be exposed to understanding technology, behavioural science, law, ethics, operations research, business intelligence and management. The graduates of this programme will be able to contribute to businesses with interdisciplinary concepts and 21st century skills. While the demand for such a profession is growing by the day, students learning this course will get the best learning experience and skills in top-class physical and software infrastructure at RV University. This being a multidisciplinary program, students from all streams at PU level can apply”.

In a world that is becoming increasingly chaotic and uncertain, we need a science for decision making. Over the past 18 years, we at Mu Sigma have been developing the tools and capabilities to equip leaders to become better problem solvers and decision makers. With this partnership, we look forward to educating our promising young talent in the art and science of making effective decisions. Once again, I congratulate the team of RV University and School of Computing for this much needed initiative.”

The demand for data professionals and decision sciences is soaring. Decision scientists are rare professionals who have insight into behavioural science, business acumen and design thinking. Moreover, these qualified professionals can artfully blend business, math, technology and behavioural science and use diverse skill sets to help enterprises make informed decisions. As a result, competent professionals are highly sought after by various industries like telecom, BFSI, IT and more. These trained professionals help sift through voluminous data to provide valuable insights to increase sales and detect frauds about anti-money laundering, pattern recognition, and risk mitigation in various domains using AI and Machine Learning.


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