RWTH: A piece of the future – research for the Rhenish area

With the new film series “A Piece of the Future”, RWTH Aachen shows cutting-edge research and its social significance.

In the first part, moderators Ralph Caspers and Shary Reeves, known from “Wissen macht Ah!”, “Quarks & Co.” and “Sending with the Mouse”, explore research fields at RWTH that offer opportunities for structural change in the Rhenish Revier. You will discover how the work at the RWTH can shape life in the region, experience new types of hardware, autonomous mobility, specifically designed molecules and much more.

In interviews with scientists, they also learn how the great challenge of structural change, to show the affected people a comprehensible future perspective including social security, must always be considered. Caspers and Reeves were already in the movie Learning. Research. Do.” It was produced on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of the Aachen University.

The cooperation is now being continued with “A Piece of the Future”, a project of the so-called Knowledge Hub as part of the RWTH Excellence Strategy. The production of the 45-minute film is the responsibility of Department 3 – Press and Communications at the RWTH and media for teaching with screenwriter Jens Tervooren. The film can be viewed on the RWTH YouTube channel.

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