RWTH: “DECISION NAVI” from RWTH Aachen University can be used free of charge

Donation from the consulting company Strategic Decisions Group.

With the help of the DECISION NAVI, reflected decisions can be made. The Internet tool was initially developed in 2017 for teaching purposes at the RWTH Department of Decision Research and Financial Services under the direction of Professor Rüdiger von Nitzsch and is increasingly being used by companies.

Due to his positive experience, Dr. Mark Seidler from the consulting company Strategic Decisions Group (SDG) promote the concept and use of the RWTH tool. RWTH and SDG therefore jointly developed the idea of ​​introducing the tool into a non-profit organization and founded the support association “Reflektiert Decision eV”. The SDG donated 20,000 euros to found the association.

The tool can now be used free of charge by interested parties. The association also wants to support engagements that contribute to an increased reflection of decisions in society and politics. Private individuals and companies who support the project, want to give impulses for further development, or who want to use and further develop the DECISION NAVI in the context of teaching, training or further education, are cordially invited to contact us.

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