RWTH: Good grades from RWTH master’s students

Between May and August 2021, they were able to take part in an online survey by the Center for University Development, or CHE for short. They gave school grades from very good to unsatisfactory for their university and their degree program. In addition, there were 27 further questions, which were summarized on the six indicators of course offerings, study organization, supervision, support during studies, academic relevance and the transition between bachelor’s and master’s degree.

The degree programs in mathematics, physics and computer science do well in the overall assessment and are above the German average for the respective subject: In mathematics, the assessment is 1.6 compared to a grade of 1.8 across all German universities in which In physics it is 1.7 to 1.9 and in computer science 1.9 to 2.0.

The physics students are particularly satisfied with the organization of their studies, which they give a 1.4. They praise the adequate number of participants and the access to the courses. The international orientation of the courses as well as the possibility of setting a specialist focus are also rated positively. Physics in Aachen is rated worse than the average for German universities in only two of the 28 questions.

With the comprehensive range of courses at RWTH Computer Science, students appreciate the breadth of content in the lectures and events, as well as the freedom of choice of event.

In mathematics, in addition to the organization of the study, which is graded 1.4, the transition between the bachelor’s and master’s degree is convincing. This is about the recognition of achievements, admission requirements and support with formal processes at the beginning of the master’s degree.

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