RWTH: RWTH Aachen researches in the EU project “CO2SMOS”

To improve the circular economy in biorefineries, 15 international partners are now working in the “CO2SMOS” project.

The European Union is funding the research under Horizon 2020 with seven million euros over the next four years. The Chair of Communication Science at RWTH Aachen University, headed by Professor Martina Ziefle, is involved in this.

Biorefineries work with biomass and biological residues, the use of CO2 emissions is a further step on the way to the circular economy. The focus of CO2SMOS is the development of a modular platform from innovative carbon capture and utilization technologies. These CCU processes collect CO2 and enable it to be used as a raw material for chemicals and bioplastics. Technical, economic, ecological and social aspects must be taken into account.

The RWTH scientists work on the perception and acceptance of the developed technologies and products. The results flow into the further development of the platform.

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