RWTH: RWTH honors family-friendly HR work

The “FAMOS for Family” prize is being awarded for the 15th time.

With the “FAMOS for Family” award, RWTH Aachen honors managers at the university for family-friendly HR work. The award ceremony took place for the 15th time as part of a digital ceremony accompanied by the Carbon Quintet of the Collegium Musicum. All employees of the university previously had the opportunity to nominate their superiors, and a jury decided on the award of the prize.

“The award shows that dialogue and a good and appreciative way of dealing with each other are very important at RWTH Aachen University,” explained Sabine Brück-Dürkop, Vice Rector for Human Resources and Young Scientists. The Equal Opportunities Officer of the RWTH, Dr. Ulrike Brands-Proharam Gonzalez emphasized that the award shows how many best practice examples there are already at RWTH Aachen University. Chancellor representative Thomas Trännapp noted that family friendliness is a location factor and family-friendly jobs are a prerequisite for attracting the brightest minds to RWTH Aachen University.

The jury selected the following winners from the nominations for “Famos für Familie”: Ralf Drafz, Co-Head of Department 4.2 Third-Party Funding Management, Vanessa Gebhardt, Institute for Material Applications in Mechanical Engineering, Professor Christian Grund, Chair of Human Resources, Professor Dr. medical Ruth Knüchel-Clarke, Institute of Pathology, Angela Poth Welter Ribeiro, Relationship Management Unit, Bettina Schäfer, Chair of Automation of Complex Power Systems, Professor Christoph van Treeck and Dr. Jérôme Frisch, both Chair of Energy Efficient Building.

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