Ryan Group of Schools to expand e-learning classes for Pre-Primary to Grade IX students

Mumbai: Ryan International Group of Institutions, one of India’s leading K12 education institutes is expanding e-learning classes for all their students from Montessori to current batches of Grade X & XII students. The new academic term of students of Standard 10 & 12 has commenced and the shift to the virtual education module has been done keeping in mind the national lockdown situation. The online alternative to the classroom will enable the student and teacher engagement through video conferencing facilities powered by an innovative and industry leading edutech software that is specifically designed for a seamless virtual classroom experience. The e- learning classes will soon be extended to Grade Montessori and Pre-Primary to Grade IX students as well.

Mr. Ryan Pinto, CEO, Ryan International Group of Institutions shared, “All the schools under the Ryan International Group of Institutions are temporarily closed following the government’s directive & giving priority to the health and safety of our students, staff community and all the stakeholders of the Ryan International Group of Institutions. The academic terms of Grade X & Grade XII students have been initiated online through our e-learning classroom module. Shortly we will be extending our e-learning programme to the rest of the Pre-primary and Grade IX. Everyone at the Ryan Group is persevering to make this challenging phase a seamless one for our students and parents. Our in-house edtech app is well equipped not only to bridge the daily online video communication between students and teachers but also to support the overall elements comprised in the e-learning programme.”

Apart from holding daily online classes for the students, the e-learning programme at Ryan Group of Schools has also taken into account:

• A fixed and systematic daily and weekly schedule for the students along with consistent student attendance mapping.

• Ready reference material in the form of presentations and videos for students accessibility.

• Regular upload of worksheets and assignments along with consistent feedback post assignment submission.

• Facilitation of periodic online tests to check student comprehension and response to the newly introduced virtual engagement.

• Recording of sessions and classes for future reference of students and teachers.

• Overall student academic activity mapping that will support the newly adopted virtual progressive approach.

The concept of e-learning specifically for K12 education in India is yet to be tested on a large scale. Moreover it comes with a set of challenges which need daily improvisations through continuous feedback from both students & teachers. Some of the parents shared their thoughts on the e-learning programme activated at Ryan Group of Schools.

Mr. Saurabh Goyal, Parent of a Ryan student shared, “The concept of e-learning programme and online assessment is a very good initiative taken under the current circumstances where students have to be homebound. It is a great solution undertaken keeping in mind the health and safety of children without compromising on their academic progress.”

Another Parent, Tanish Krishnan shared, “Kudos to all for driving the initiative of online classes at Ryan Group of Schools. There are bound to be some teething challenges but the spirit shown by students and the effort invested by teachers is commendable. With continuous efforts the process of e-learning will only get better with time.”