Ryan International School explains why International Exchange Programs benefit children in their school years!

Every parent wants to choose the best school for his child. Reason? Schools are no longer looked upon as an academics hub, but they also aid the all rounded- development growth of a child. This includes a balance of subject matter knowledge along with the level of exposure that helps students understand beyond theoretical texts and classroom learning. In this context, academicians at Ryan International Group of Schools explain why international affiliations or exchange programs at a school is paramount for the child’s academic growth. Of course, we can not avoid issues related to assignments or essays. While studying at school, you can have obstacles in writing and can also  pay someone to do your assignment  to provide you with help.

Firstly, the education sector has witnessed a paradigm shift in the country, wherein learning is a right mix of textbook knowledge and experience-based learning. This creates a cyclic framework, where the questions originated after learning a concept in the classroom are answered while witnessing its real-life application. Such teaching methodology not only increases the observation power of the child, but further ensures a concrete understanding of the subject.

Secondly, it is important to prepare our students for a more heterogeneous world they will face in. Structured Exchange Programs such as listed below, involve students and teachers in a cross-disciplinary global learning environments. Students learn by experience what cannot be taught and benefit from synthesizing the viewpoints, ideologies, and frames of reference of diverse co-participants and mentors.

  • Thames Valley Summer School, London
  • Global Young Leader Conference, New York
  • World Children’s Theatre Festival, Germany
  • Indo-Finnish Cultural Exchange Program, Finland
  • Educational Tours – France, Spain, and Belgium

Talking about the importance of international accreditations and affiliations, Mr. Ryan Pinto, CEO of Ryan Group of Institutions, said, “Our core fundamental has been providing the right kind of education and nurture students for the next phase of their lives. The group is committed to creating a strong global connect for its student and collaborated with universities in USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Australia to facilitate learning across global boundaries. We are the only chain of schools in India that is associated with the  Commonwealth /State of Pennsylvania through the PennHub Program which will provide our students access and opportunities for internship and study with partner institutions in Pennsylvania.”

With an aim of providing the best, once-in-a-lifetime experience, Ryan International School also offers its students the opportunity to visit the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in the United States for workshops under its educational exchange program. Under the guidance and mentorship of astronauts and highly skilled industry experts, there is a dual impact of improved technological understanding along with the experience of a global learning environment.

According to Mr. and Mrs. Bharadwaj, Parents of Ishan Bharadwaj studying in Ryan International School, such opportunities should be available to each and every student. “Ryan has not only give students the chance to visit countries across the globe, but also gave them the opportunity to grow and mix with students worldwide, learn their culture and languages”, says Mr. Bharadwaj

All that said, it is imperative that parents begin to consider international affiliations as one of the key factors, while selecting a school for their child. This is one aspect which opens up a new window for their child to explore beyond their won cultural horizons and facilitate his/her holistic growth and development.