S Chand & Company Limited continues robust growth, EBITDA up by 158%

Mumbai – S Chand and Company Limited, one of India’s leading education content companies and market leaders in the K-12 segment has announced robust financial numbers in Q1FY23.


Consolidated business represents the performance of S Chand and its subsidiaries (S Chand Group)


Consolidated Business Q1-FY23 vs Q1-FY22 (Y-o-Y basis)


  1. The Revenue from Operationsof the Group has increased to Rs.107 Crores from Rs. 36 Crores. The Revenue from Operations registered a growth of ~ 3x;


  1. The Profit after tax (PAT)of the Group has increased to Rs. 6.23 Crores from a Loss of Rs. 31.37 Crores. The PAT registered a movement of Rs. 37.6 Cr. This is the first time company has reported a  Profit in Q1 ;


  1. The Operational EBIDTAof the Group has increased to Rs. 11.94 Crores from a EBIDTA Loss of Rs. 20.55 Crores. The Operational EBIDTA registered a swing of  Rs. 32.49 Crores


  1. The EPSfor the quarter is  Rs. 1.78 per share from a negative Rs. 8.97 per share. The EPS registered a swing into positive of Rs. 10.75 per share ; The TTM EPS stands at Rs. 13.02 per share.



Other Highlights


  1. Working Capital Cycle – There have been continuous improvements in the working capital cycle over the period – Net working capital has been improved by 111 days.

  1. Volume Growth – For the first quarter of FY 2022-23 the Consolidated business has seen overall volume growth of 2.5Xcompared to the first quarter of FY 2021-22.

Commenting on the successful result, Mr. Saurabh Mittal, CFO, S Chand And Company Limited, said, “We are thrilled to announce the tremendous growth numbers. The company’s top line of Rs 107 crore for Q1FY23 increased by more than 3x on a YoY basis and was driven by a combination of volume growth of 2.5x and  increase in realization of our product portfolio. S Chand Group has been successful in fully integrating its content print business acquisitions with the EdTech initiatives of recent years, enabling it to reach a point where it can utilize the complete portfolio of offerings to expand margins and spur profitable growth in the print business, which is transitioning into a blended/hybrid format. We are experiencing exciting times right now, and we are thrilled about the accomplishments being made and the opportunities that are coming our way. We have continued our growth trajectory in the current quarter, achieving working capital efficiency, and boosting our EBITDA margins. We shall continue to emphasize innovation and organic growth. Our in-house capabilities, along with strategic collaborations, position us well to sustain growth, add value to our customers, and maximize shareholder value.”

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