S. K. Palhan, professor at great lakes institute of management, gurgaon launches a book on self-effectiveness

New Delhi: Prof. S. K. Palhan, a well – known expert in conducting programs on self-effectiveness for various Government and Private Organizations, launched a book titled as “Self-effectiveness – The Power of Meditation” at a book launch event recently organized at India International Center, New Delhi. The book was launched in the august presence of family, friends, students and the Chief Guest , Padma Bhushan Dr. M.B. Athreya along with the Guest of Honor, Mr. Mohan Lakhamraju, CEO and Vice- Chairman, Great Lakes Institute of Management.
The book talks about the importance of Self – Effectiveness and suggests methods of attaining complete awareness through the process of meditation.
Further explaining the power of meditation, Prof S. K. Palhan shared, “Meditation has been the integral part of self- development process of Indian ethos. In the ancient India, it was learnt and practiced with “shradha” but today the environment is different. The students today are not as much aware of benefits of meditation as our education system focuses more on skill development. But I feel that the youngsters should be taught about “how mind works” to make them more efficient in all walks of life. They need to understand the state of mindfulness as the action can be taken in the present and it can be achieved through regular practice of meditation.”
Some key messages from the book:-
• Effectiveness is through action and work done. Every action is done twice. The first creation of the task is in the mind and the second creation of the task is its physical action.
• Managers usually focus on efficiency, but the leaders focus on effectiveness through the first creation in the mind.
• Effectiveness comes through the utilization of the present moment.
• Though all human beings have infinite potential, the potential for the first creation in the present moment is reduced further due to various factors like: past worries, future anxiety, emotional disturbance and undirected activities.
• Meditation is the structured method to live in the present moment. It can be learnt; it leads to self-effectiveness, reduces stress and anxiety and improves the quality of life in all dimensions.
• When a person has a passion in an activity, it becomes a mode of meditation, the mind is fully focused, and nothing seems to matter anymore.
• Meditation is one of the best structured technique to keep the mind in the present moment, where the action is taking place