S P Jain School of Global Management’s Dr Nicolas Hamelin Discusses The Connection Between Neuroscience and Leadership

Mumbai: Dr. Nicolas Hamelin, Director, Neuroscience Lab & Associate Professor of Marketing, SP Jain School of Global Management discussed the potential of quantifying leadership skills through brain research and psychology, at a seminar today. The session was attended by students, as well as leaders from more than 60 corporates across sectors such as Shipping, IT, Manufacturing, Media, Reality Firms and BFSI; to name a few Capgemini, Tata Group, Times of India, Mondelez India & Motilal Oswal amongst other leading companies.

Dr. Hamelin spoke extensively on how neuroscience can significantly add to one’s understanding of leadership and development, and why leaders think and act the way they do. He further spoke about how neuroscience is the new frontier in marketing research, and its influence on recruitment, training, and evaluation of leaders in an organisation. The seminar, which was designed to help students and business leaders discover the connection between neuroscience and marketing, and how neuro-marketing, as it is known as works. Over the course of the seminar, Dr. Hamelin discussed the examination and exploitation of implicit or unconscious consumer processes. He also highlighted key features of the SP Jain Neuroscience Lab that provides actionable and in-depth understandings of consumer behaviour, which is based on the most advanced neuroscience concepts and tools.

Speaking about the emergence of neuroscience as a marketing tool, Dr. Nicolas Hamelin, Director – Neuroscience Lab & Associate Professor of Marketing, S P Jain School of Global Management said, “Traditionally, market research has been based on the method of self-reports. However, we have found that these surveys and questionnaires merely test the consumer’s rational brain. In fact, 95 per cent of all cognitive processes, such as attention, retention, retrieval and decision making occur in the subconscious mind. Neuroscience taps into this, to help understand the consumer’s mind, and provide marketers with detailed data, for how to reach their target audiences.”

The talk was followed by an interactive demonstration of Imotions biometric platform. This is used as a tool to measure and predict visionary leadership and entrepreneurship skills, and was well received by students and corporate attendees alike.

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