Salasar Techno Engineering is on an expansion spree: aims to escalate workforce by installing one of the largest galvanising plant in India


New Delhi : Salasar Techno Engineering ltd – one of the largest steel fabrication and infrastructure companies in India is planning to install a new Galvanization plant, adding to grow their workforce by 5-7% in the next 6 months.

The company is looking forward to raising capex by the installation of the new Galvanization plant. This facility will have a galvanization capacity of 96000 Metric tonnes per annum. To expand the plant the company is capitalising 50 Cr, which will be funded by the banks from internal accruals of the company.

Presently, Salasar has about 1900 employees and labour on our payroll and they hire contractors on a need basis as per project requirement. The hiring process is expected to start soon and the employees will be allocated to different teams associated with the projects.

Mr. Shashank Agarwal- M.D at Salasar techno Engineering Ltd “Finding the preeminent talents in any field is relatively challenging. We have the highest percentage of our workforce engaged in manufacturing and who understands and knows manufacturing. We are making sure that we hire the right people because we are building one of the largest galvanising plants in India”

Despite the second wave of covid and lockdown in the first quarter of FY22, the company retained revenue of 132.8 Cr and EBITDA was 14.7 Cr at a margin of 11.1%. They were able to take measures pre-emptively, accomplished orders at maximum efficiency right before the lockdown, and were able to pick up operations right after. The new Heavy steel division has also added to their success – ROB plant has received orders of 8400 tonnes, Value around 70 CRs.

Salasar Techno Engineering Ltd. incorporated in 2007 is a provider of customized steel fabrication and infrastructure solutions in India. It provides 360-degree solutions by carrying out engineering, designing, fabrication, galvanization, and deployment.

Salasar Techno Engineering Limited’s services include providing complete engineering, procurement, and control for projects such as Rural Electrification, Power Transmission Lines, and Solar Power Plants. For more information, please visit-

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