Sampark Foundation signs 3-year MoU with Department of Education, Government of Himachal Pradesh

New Delhi : Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) – Government of Himachal Pradesh and Sampark Foundation, a leading NGO working towards improving learning outcomes in primary education has signed a MoU for three years. The program aims to enhance learning outcomes of primary and upper primary children in all the government schools of the 12 districts in the state. The primary goal of this collaboration is to make learning interesting, meaningful and effective for children by introducing Sampark Smart Shala’s (SSS) unique approach to teaching as well as implement new practices developed by Sampark in a phased manner under the aegis of Samagra Shiksha. The SSS pedagogy is in accordance with the curriculum of the state and is aligned with the state textbooks.

Sampark Smart Shala’s unique approach of focusing on improvement in learning outcomes in Mathematics, English, and Science have proven very effective. Considering this, Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan – Government of Himachal Pradesh and Sampark Foundation is collaborating to provide technical and academic support to roll out Sampark Smart Shala Program across schools in the state. The State had been working in collaboration with Sampark Foundation since 2018 and on the basis of effective outcomes has extended their agreement by three years applicable from April 2022 to March 2025.

The program goal is to establish Himachal Pradesh among the top 10 states by 2026 in learning outcomes of Math, English and Science in Primary and Upper Primary Classes. The program also aims to strengthen the capacity of the resource groups in the pedagogy of these 3 subjects through a collaborative process involving direct field-based experiences. Content and methodology for more subjects like Environmental Studies and Hindi for classes 1 to 8 may be added during the tenure of the MoU.

The program plan includes rolling out the Sampark Smart Shala Math and English program for Class 1 to 5 in all government primary schools in the state. While SSS Math, English and Science program for Class 6 to 8 will be rolled out in all government upper primary schools in the state. The program will also monitor all schools to ensure that learning outcomes are enhanced.

The SSS STEM program for Grade 6 to 8 will be impemented in 100 Upper Primary Schools across the 12 districts of the state while the SSS English Speaking programme will be introduced in 100 Primary and Upper Primary schools. From 2023 onwards both the program will be scaled up towards the goal of covering all the schools in the state. The Sampark Smart Shala Work Readiness or Employability Program for Grade 6 to 12 will be introduced in 100 Primary Schools across 12 Districts in 2022-23 and will be scaled up from 2023 onwards.

On the occasion, Vineet Nayar, Founder-Chairman of Sampark Foundation said, “All of us at Sampark are excited to partner with the Government of Himachal Pradesh to take the Learning Outcome program in the state to the next level. Quality primary education creates the foundation of a sound education ecosystem that nurtures our future generations.  We will look forward to the leadership of  Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan – Government of Himachal Pradesh to make the program a huge success and make a difference to the lives of lakhs of students. Sampark will bring its latest learning innovations like Sampark TV and English Speaking program to the children of Himachal Pradesh and by actively participating with the state stakeholders will ensure substantial enhancement in learning outcomes.


The Learning program will be implemented as per Sampark’s 5 step model of change – Partnership with the State Government; Provide NIPUN aligned innovative training and Learning Methodologies, Train Teachers; Tech Enable Teachers to leverage all the resources in the Sampark Smart Shala mobile application and Monitor learning outcomes of the children.

Sampark Foundation will provide innovative teaching-learning material for implementing the program. This resources will consist of 12 Sampark innovations which are – FLN based TLM’s; Sound Box; Puzzles and Games; Sampark TV; Lesson Plans; Teaching Videos; Chat Bots; English Speaking Program etc.  The Sampark TV is a latest innovation from the Foundation and enables a smart classroom; it consist of a Plug and Play device, interactive FLN animated content mapped to SCERT textbooks as well as gamified learning content.

To update progress and monitor the academic progress in the schools an Application, has been developed. This Platform will be utilized by the cluster, block and district officials to update the progress every month.

Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan – Government of Himachal Pradesh will be responsible for providing overall leadership in the implementation of the Program with the support of Sampark Foundation. Some of its  roles and responsibilities include ensuring and monitoring participation of government functionaries, teachers and headmasters in all program activities. The government will also make available a Learning Improvement Task Force which will have program coordinators to monitor and support schools to ensure the effective implementation of the program.

Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan – Government of Himachal Pradesh will organize the training of master trainers, teachers, DIETs for the program. It will support the deployment, assessment and data collection of SSS base line and end line tests across selected schools. It will enable the process of development of a Chief Minister Dashboard that will facilitate regular review and corrective actions to be taken to improve learning outcomes. Also it will procure the science Kits for all the schools of the state as well as Print and distribute SSS workbooks for all the students in program.

Sampark Foundation will be responsible for content development, designing and providing learning kits, assessment tools, annual and quarterly plans, capacity building of teachers through orientation, training, workshops, onsite visits etc. Sampark will train Master Trainers and provide them the learning kits to orient them on the hands-on use of the same. Sampark will provide print ready workbooks, apps for BRCCs and teachers which would be incorporated into the state education system. Sampark will make available its innovative learning pedagogy and learning tools at no cost to the government. Sampark will also work in collaboration with Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan – Government of Himachal Pradesh & DIETs as required for the further development of the program as well as participate in the monitoring of the program.