Samsung hires AMU students


Aligarh : Ten Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) students pursuing Bachelor of Technology (B. Tech) and Master of Technology (M. Tech) courses from the Z H College of Engineering and Technology (ZHCET) have been hired by Samsung R&D Institute India Limited, Noida, the advanced research and development hub of Samsung’s Consumer Electronics and IT and Mobile Communications Division.

“They are Talha Ghaffar (B. Tech Electronics), Md Nadim Akhtar (B. Tech Computer), Adeeba Ali (M. Tech Artificial Intelligence), Priyanshu Raj (B. Tech Computer), Faizan Saghir (B. Tech Electronics), Jayant Singh (B. Tech Computer), Naveen Kumar (B. Tech Computer), Anshu Mallick (B. Tech Computer), Govind Gaur (B. Tech Computer) and Mohiuddeen Khan (B. Tech Computer)”, said Mohd Farhan Saeed, Training and Placement Officer, ZHCET.



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