Samudayik Vikas Samiti is Now Determined For “Aadhi Aabadi Women Achievers Awards 2019”

Delhi’s prestigious non-government, charitable society, the Samudayik Vikas Samiti along with Aadhi Aabadi Foundation & Real Foundation have taken an initiative named as “Aadhi Aabadi Women Achievers Awards 2019 ” for the honor of women across the country.
New Delhi, India, December, 15, 2019A
After the huge success and overwhelming response of 10th consecutive Aadhi Aabadi Awards, we are organizing it again on 15th December 2019 on a larger scale with broader perspective. The concept of this award function is imbibed by the core team of ‘Aadhi Aabadi’. They believe that this will enlighten the path of successive women and honour them with pride and prestige, who will become the role model of the generation next.
This award is to Honour ‘The Women of India’ so that they get motivated and stand as an example to the society all across the world.
The main objective of this function is to-
reward the women of substance who have done excellent work for the society and made India proud. This is also for the motivation and inspiration for all the other Women in the World.”

Womens are the frame makers of Nation and our Women should be empowered for the better dream of the nation.Just a potter gives shape to clay into a pot. And that pot gets water to many thirsty peoples. A women is also some kind of potter that gives shape to the future of the nation because she is the primary caretaker of children and elders in every nation of the world. And women are the first teacher for every child in the name of “Mother”; Samudayik Vikas Samiti has also tried to empower women of our nation though her various meaningful activities.
Considering this event , Samudayik Vikas Samiti, an esteemed non- government charitable organization based in Delhi, has decided to make a first move towards empowering the “Aadhi Aabadi Awards 2019” program. Under this movement, pictures and other essential information concerning those awardist will be circulated through diverse social media platforms that more and more people can be aware about this program .
Apart from that, Samudayik Vikas Samiti has been active in the welfare and betterment of underprivileged people residing in the slums and rural areas of Delhi, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and different other states of India since last decade. The renowned NGO aims to make a country where every family unit has all the fundamental necessities adequately, including food, shelter, cloths and education. Therefore, it runs numerous campaigns and operation associated with education to all, save girl child, Beti Bachao Beti Padhao, women empowerment, against child labor, save environment, vocational training, senior citizen welfare and recreation, free legal aids and justice for all, and more.
During a discussion with Mr. Manoranjan Mohanty (President, Samudayik Vikas Samiti), he said, “SVS can bring healthier and decisive benefit to the people dwelling in rural and deprived areas particularly for the kids and women.
The Samudayik Vikas Samiti has an objective to make India stronger, influential and a poverty free country. And to accomplish this goal, Samudayik Vikas Samiti is determinedly endeavoring its best towards women empowerment, senior citizen welfare and untracked youth that they can be brought into the mainstream of comprehensive development of our society.
The list of Our Awardist are:—–
Mrs. Arundhati Debi, Ms. Tapu Mishra, Dr. Chidatmika Khatua, Mrs. Reeta Patra, Mrs. Shraddha Shrivastav, Mrs. Jaya Bhattacharya, Mrs. Jayati Bhatiya, Mrs. Aarti, Ms. Ashnoor, Mrs. Deepika Krishna, Dr. Manju Aggrawal, Ms. Mandakini Bora, Mrs. Purnima Sharma, Mrs. Rashmi Ghiria, Mrs. Ratna Pandey, Mrs. Reena Mittal, Ms. Rubika Liyaqat, Mrs. Ruma Debi, Mrs. Rupam, Mrs. Sameera Jatiya, Ms. Shomu Mitra, Ms. Shweta Choudhary, Mrs. Sujata Gupta, Mrs. Swati Maliwali, Mrs. Usha Nadkarni, Mrs. Vineeta Bindal.
The List of Guests are:——
Mr. Kishore Diwedi(Senior Bureau of Samaj), Mr. Pradeep Marwah (Director of Asian Academy of Film & Television), MR. R.K. Sinha(MP, Rajya Sabha), Mrs. Manjulata Mandal(MP, Bhadrak Odisha), Mr. Pramod Bhel (BJP President, Noida), Mr. Indresh Ji(National Executive Member, RSS), Mr. B.N. Mishra (GM, PNB), Mr. N.P. Singh(President FONRWA, Noida), Mr. Dharmendra Singh(Additional Commisioner (SIB), Noida), Mr. Narendra Kumar Swain(MP,Rajya Sabha), Mr. Sanjeev Malik(MLA, Bhadrak, Odisha), Mr. Subhash Ghai(Indian film director).