Sana Hazari, Founder of The Social Corporate, Wins Young Achievers Award 2020

New Delhi: With the world experiencing multiple crises – a global pandemic, social injustice, overconsumption of resources and climate change – corporations need to rethink value creation. Entering into the “decade of action” as hailed by the UN, social entrepreneurs stand firm at the helm of a global revolution. With a blend of purpose and profit, entrepreneurs are prepared to bring about a broad transformation by creating social impact-driven business models and frameworks, striking a thoughtful balance between profit & purpose.

One such entrepreneur is Ms. Sana Hazari, who founded – The Social Corporate (TSC) – a new-age Digital platform that partners with SMEs, NGOs, Impact Funds, and Social Enterprises (both for-profit and non-profit) across India, Nigeria and Ghana to offer Consultancy & Staffing Solutions.

An ex-investment banker, Sana has an interesting story, which goes back to her education days. All throughout her school and college life, deep emphasis was placed on social contribution that led social-work to become an integral part of her life. Post college, she joined BMR Advisors in the finance sector and honed her transaction advisory skill-set but yearned to drive social change at a larger scale.

During her time as an investment banker, she tried looking for flexible social work opportunities, but couldn’t find any platform that gave her promising options. Upon engaging with multiple organizations, she realized that the industry in India is highly unstructured, and faces major challenges in terms of inefficient operational management and lack of professional knowhow across verticals (technology, marketing, impact assessment documentation, etc.). Witnessing the lack-lustre results from her research, she resolved to fight this imbalance and, thus, the idea for ‘The Social Corporate’ was born.

In 2017, Sana decided to quit her corporate job and take an entrepreneurial leap of faith. She wanted to do her part in giving back to the society and knew where to start from. She was eager to bridge the gap she had witnessed and ended up launching TSC the same year. The TSC team analyses its Client’s core business models, capabilities, and operations to identify opportunities for digital transformation, product strategy, and development of sustainable business models through digital consultancy services. With 200+ Impact Organizations across India & Africa and 10,000+ changemakers globally onboarded, this unique platform also matches the impact organizations with the changemakers to help create a lasting impact.

“At The Social Corporate (TSC), we believe in the power of business and capital to become forces for good,” says Sana who recently received the Young Achievers Award (2019-20) by Indian Achievers Forum for the impactful work that she and her team are doing in assisting businesses and individuals, and converting their toughest disappointments into success stories. Indian Achievers Award, presented to only 4 individuals in India each year under the ‘Young Achievers’ category, is one of most coveted Awards across the country recognizing individuals with proven track-record of trailblazing efforts in a particular sector.

For its constructive contribution, the TSC Group has been felicitated and awarded by different associations and corporate groups over the years. To name a few, Sana was selected as one of the ‘Top 10 Women Consultants of India – 2020’ by CEO Insights Magazine. She has also been awarded a Certificate of Appreciation and was felicitated by Dr. Satbir Bedi, IAS, Chairperson of the National Council of Teacher Education of India (NCTE) in 2019, for her contribution to the ZIIEI project for Sri Aurobindo Society.

Since the onset of COVID-19 & in response to the rescinded jobs and internship offers from across India, the TSC Group recently launched a new initiative called the “Inclusive Leadership Programme” through which selected young minds are mentored and upskilled across cross-functional roles through a 2-month internship program. The selected individuals are trained across service verticals and given the opportunity to work on large-scale impact projects, thus providing them a holistic experience across Strategy Consulting, Operations, Analytics, Digital strategy and Product Management. Through TSC, Sana aims to soon launch a very unique Fellowship opportunity as well.

The Social Corporate team focuses on giving back to the country through their endeavors and skill sets, in whatever way they can. In the next 02 years, Sana envisions TSC to be the one-stop solution for all Social Enterprises and operate as an Impact Incubation Fund.