Sandia Labs: National 2021 Diversity Team Award goes to Sandia National Labs

Sandia National Laboratories recently was recognized for its contributions to its organization and communities as a 2021 Diversity Team Award winner by Profiles in Diversity Journal. Fifteen companies and 16 diversity teams are being celebrated this summer for their teamwork to advance the cause of diversity and inclusion.

The award recognizes talented team members who work together to support and advance diversity, inclusion and equity within their respective organizations. The award also celebrates the inclusivity that diverse individuals, working together as members of a team, represent.

“Sandia Labs’ eight-member diversity team works tirelessly to make inclusion and diversity an essential part of who we are,” said Esther Hernandez, chief diversity officer at the labs. “They always exceed expectations with innovative initiatives while collaborating with key leaders and groups across the labs to build an inclusive and diverse culture that attracts, retains and develops a thriving workforce. I couldn’t be prouder of our team.”

Sandia’s diversity team elevates inclusion and diversity with continual support of executive champions and division ambassadors, who help to advance the labs’ inclusion and diversity efforts. The team further buttresses Sandia’s program by collaborating with employee resource groups that provide social and professional events and opportunities. The labs’ inclusion and diversity team also develops and maintains diversity reference resources and hosts seminars, forums, dialogues, videos, training and more.

“We’re pleased and proud to congratulate this year’s Diversity Team Award winners,” said James Rector, publisher of Profiles in Diversity Journal. “By recognizing the contributions these teams make to their organizations and communities, we celebrate the inclusivity that diverse individuals working together as members of a team represent.

“Research shows that diverse teams are more innovative and produce superior results,” Rector added. “And, we believe that recognizing the achievements of these teams is an important next step in the growth and evolution of diversity, inclusion and equity in the workplace.”

Profiles in Diversity Journal has recognized thousands of people from around the world who are making a difference by advancing the cause of diversity and inclusion. With the introduction of its Diversity Team Award in 2020, it also recognizes the importance of diverse contributions by those who have joined to support and advance inclusivity.