Sanfort Launches India’s First Homeschooling Platform for Preschoolers

New Delhi: SANFORT, the UK Concept Preschool Chain has launched India’s 1st Homeschooling platform for preschoolers: “SANFORT@home”. At this time when the continuing COVID-19 pandemic has left everyone confined to their homes and the classroom activities are not possible, Sanfort has taken a big leap forward to seamlessly impart education to the preschoolers through this one-of-a-kind Homeschooling platform.

Sanfort has come up with an innovative all-in-one tool suite for virtual learning through “SANFORT@home”, so that the studies of the students are not hampered during the ongoing nationwide COVID-19 lockdown. Using “SANFORT@home”, the teachers are conveniently being able to hold interactive online classes in the most interactive way. Sanfort’s Homeschooling platform, “SANFORT@home” is strategically designed and developed by a team of seasoned industry experts that enable teachers in a hassle-free delivery ranging from customizing assignments, lessons, child-friendly tasks, besides uploading interesting activities for the little learners.

Dr. S K Rathor, Founder and CMD, Sanfort Group of Schools said, “We take pride in launching India’s first Homeschooling platform for preschoolers. In this situation of a global health crisis, the virtual system of learning is the only way out, especially for the preschoolers. However, virtual learning imposes many challenges for the little learners hence, it’s only after extensive research we have launched our Homeschooling platform, “SANFORT@home” that not only mitigates all the challenges, but also includes extraordinary features to make learning interesting for the tiny tots.”

Sanfort is the only preschool brand in the country with “True Smart Learning System” offering “Touch N Learn” technology, which makes learning more interesting, interactive and fun-filled for the preschoolers. Sanfort is the pioneer partner of Trinity College-London for “Trinity Stars Young Performers in English Awards” which encourages the understanding and learning of English language and fosters spontaneous expressions of the same through drama, music and performance by children.

Sanfort’s unique curriculum, health and safety parameters, child friendly infrastructure, learning content infused with technology in the classrooms, mindful activities, workshops for parents and its association with ‘Preschool Learning Alliance’ and ‘British Association for Early Childhood Education’, U.K., made Sanfort Schools immensely popular in no time.

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