Sankshit Group introduces Aaiena-Fit App, an overall health and Fitness Tracker for Schools

New Delhi: Having successfully launched the Aaiena Fit app, Sankshit Group now ventures into the educational landscape to promote health and fitness routine amongst the youth.

Considering that the pandemic has rendered everything online, schools have resorted to virtual classes where students have been facing acute health issues due to sedentary lifestyle. There have been rising cases of headaches, depression, eyesight issues, heart problems that is affecting the academic performance of the students.

To address the deteriorating health of students, Aaiena Fit works as the Virtual Lifestyle Coach that offers real time fitness tracking for youth that monitors students’ health online and based on the analysis recommends fitness regime to improve their health.

With the help of the AI technology, the app calculates the BMI and gives insight into the body size like shoulder size, waist size, etc. with 95-98% accuracy.

After thorough examination, the Aaiena Fit app devises a personalized workout routine having comprehensive plan that includes detailed yoga, meditation and exercise routine that in accordance with the particular student body. It also suggests the ideal diet for the overall fitness of the person.

For integrated well-being, the fitness app tracks their daily water intake, hours of sleep, counts the number of steps walked daily and in case of an expert advice, the app recommends a list of doctors based on the geographic location of the user.

The schools will be able to track the health and fitness of the students with the help of the dashboard giving the daily, weekly and monthly report of their health progress. It will also appoint a personal trainer for assuring the sound mental health of the students.

On the occasion, Sakshi Chhapolia, The Founder and CEO of Aaiena said, “The youth forma an important and integral part of the nation where they are considered the pillars of the country. Perceiving that the pandemic has affected their health in various ways, Aaiena Fit app comes with integrated solutions to remodel the lifestyle of students, aimed at improving and maintaining their overall health.”

Through this initiative for schools, Aaiena Fit app strives to improve the overall lifestyle of students who are undergoing various health issues due to the inactive routine owing to the pandemic.