Sanskrit is the mother of culture ​​and human values

Bhopal : Governor Smt. Anandi Ben Patel said that Sanskrit language is the mother of civilization, culture and human values which encompasses the wealth of supernatural knowledge of the whole world. Sanskrit language is the soul of our country. Sanskrit empowers a person, gives him the ability to pave his own path. Sanskrit studies create possibilities of unlimited employment. One also gets full respect in the society along with earning a living. Smt. Patel was addressing the concluding programme of Sanskrit Saptah organized by Maharishi Panini Sanskrit and Vedic University from online platform today.

Governor Smt. Patel said that under the new education policy, the compulsion of students to choose pre-decided subjects has been ended. Under this innovative initiative, new possibilities of propagating Sanskrit language and its wealth of knowledge in the field of higher education should be explored. The younger generation should benefit from the study of Sanskrit language by acquiring the wealth of rare knowledge available in the literature of Vedas, Shastras, Darshans, Puranas and poetry etc. She said that strong research culture and research capability have been promoted in the new National Education Policy. A new path to quality higher education is open. This should be made a remarkable opportunity for expansion and spread of Sanskrit language. The university should strive towards making Sanskrit an apex international centre of education.

Smt. Patel said that the new National Education Policy is an unprecedented opportunity for revolutionary and purposeful change in the field of school education to higher education. The new education policy is an opportunity to create a competitive environment for the youth at the international level by changing courses from primary schooling to college higher education according to the need of the hour. She said that institutional efforts should be made for digital content and capacity building to meet the needs of e-education in higher education. Teachers must be prepared as per the global needs of new thinking and understanding. Work should also be done in the direction of skill development of students, along with improving the quality of education.

The Governor said that every crisis brings with it an opportunity. Covid-19 infection is also no exception. What new opportunities can emerge in the field of development? You will have to make meaningful efforts in this direction. Instead of following, efforts should be made to move beyond the existing conventions. The infection has brought new challenges of balancing professional and personal priorities before us. Every person must take out time for fitness and exercise. Also practice yoga as a means of improving physical and mental well-being. We should think of models of such a lifestyle that are easily accessible, and in which meaningful use of traditional medical knowledge and experiences is made.

The Governor said that we also have to think about such a business model where productivity and efficiency matter more than the effort of presence. Emphasis should be made on completing the work within the stipulated time frame so that even in times of crisis our offices, businesses, trade can move at a rapid pace without any loss of life. In which the poor, the most weak people as well as protection of our environment get prominence. She congratulated the university teachers for conducted online classes and providing students with study material and changing adverse circumstances into an opportunity while writing diploma courses and also extended best wishes for organizing the Sanskrit Week Festival successfully.

In his welcome address, Vice Chancellor Dr. Pankaj Jani said that during the Sanskrit week, lectures by experts as well as creative activities like singing, poetry, speech competitions etc. were organized. Students of all the colleges under the university participated enthusiastically in these competitions. Mangla Charan was also recited at the beginning of the programme.