Sanskriti Ayurvedic College organized a Public awareness campaign ‘Ayu Samwad’

New Delhi: Sanskriti Ayurvedic Medical College and Hospital organised “Ayu Samwad” which is a public awareness campaign by leveraging the knowledge of Ayurveda in the light of current global pandemic of COVID-19. The campaign is aimed to sensitize the students and other stakeholders by creating awareness about the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases and how we can prevent and treat it with the help of Ayurveda.

The seminar showcased presentations and detailed discussions on principles, practices, evaluation and various solutions available as well as the progress made in the domain of Ayurveda.

Sachin Gupta Chancellor, Sanskriti University said ” Ayurveda is our ancient science, it helps in eliminating disease permanently without creating any side effects. Many countries have started adopting the system of Ayurveda, several medical institutes have adopted it as an alternative treatment and the government of India is working on collaborative projects with the World Health Organisation (WHO) to promote this Indian traditional system of medicine across the globe.”

“COVID-19 has exponentially increased the demand for Ayurvedic products in India as well as outside India. The Ministry of AYUSH is also recommending these products to fight against Coronavirus. People’s belief in our ancient science in Ayurveda has also increased” he further added.

The Supreme Court has also decided to examine a plea by the Indian Medical Association (IMA) against a Central Council of Indian Medicine (CCIM) order authorizing post-graduate practitioners in specified streams of Ayurveda to be trained to perform surgical procedures.

Teachers explained to the students about the latest symptoms of COVID -19 and the importance of wearing a mask, usage of sanitizers and social distancing in the process of preventing the exponential rate of spread of COVID-19.