Sanskriti Ladies Club in IIT Roorkee hosted the Cultural Night

Roorkee: Sanskriti Ladies Club in IIT Roorkee hosted the Cultural Night in MAC Auditorium today at 7 PM. Ever since its inception it has provided a healthy interface to the wives of IIT Roorkee’s faculty members and its female staff to celebrate the women power and spirit and providing them a platform to interact with each other and come up with recreational and other positive outcomes.

Along with leisure and entertainment its members get a chance to enhance their overall personality and be part and explore their different set of skills like art, music, dance, drama etc. The Chief Guest at the event was Prof. Ajit Chaturvedi, Director, IIT Roorkee. Besides him the event witnessed the presence of Mrs. Charu Chaturvedi, President; Prof Rama Vhargava, VP; Dr. Poonam Parida, Secretary and some other faculty members of IIT Roorkee.

Expressing his views Prof Chaturvedi said “To celebrate the zeal and power of women, Sanskriti Club in IIT Roorkee organizes an annual event. It showcases the talent of its members”.

“Sanskriti gives a platform to women to celebrate feminism and to discover their hidden talents. I am proud that we are progressive and enable women to celebrate womanhood” said Mrs. Charu Chaturvedi.

There were various performances like: Vandana, Uttarakhandi dance, Skit, Sufi, Group song, Rajasthani dance, Fashion show, Couple dance, Qawwali, Punjabi dance etc.

Mrs Chaturvedi participated enthusiastically in many performances like songs , dance and couple dance.

Sanskriti club is a self supporting entity and runs mainly on the subscription money from its members