Sanskriti University celebrated 10th Foundation Day – 2020

New Delhi: Sanskriti University celebrated the 10th Foundation Program – 2020 on Zoom platform with full zeal and enthusiasm.

Arun Singh (Member of Parliament & National General Secretary of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP)) was the Chief Guest of the 10th Foundation Day in the gracious presence of Ram Kailash Gupta (Chairman), Rajesh Gupta (Pro Chancellor), Mukesh Gupta (Chairman, Vision Institute of Advanced Studies), Ashok Chakradhar (Author & Poet), Arun (Author poet), Chirag Jain (Author poet), and Mr. Patricio from TQS Chile.

Sanskriti University added a bit of tangibility to the affair through an on-campus walkthrough under the leadership of Dr. Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor. The university is committed to ensure that the students don’t miss out on the campus life in the new academic year.

While the world is engaged in doing everything online, Sanskriti University evolved an innovative mechanism to organize the celebration online.


The Foundation Day 2020 started with a welcome message by Dr. Rana Singh Vice-Chancellor where he extended a warm welcome to all the new students by wishing them good luck for their new journey on behalf of Sanskriti University. Sachin Gupta (Chancellor) thanked everyone and said “It is a matter of great pride for everyone who has been part of the journey. Today we want to thank everyone who has started the journey and shared it with us and made this day possible. Our students know how to face every challenge and how to overcome it. We are facing this pandemic together and not letting it affect our education with the help of technology.”

While talking about New Education Policy Arun Singh said “Due to the global pandemic of COVID 19, the world has almost come to a standstill and has badly impacted the various economies of the world. Slowly, we are coming out of the global menace of Corona. This year is historic; after 34 years new national education policy is being implemented which emphasizes not just reading but understanding and emphasizes on enhancing the skill of the students with an outcome based approach. In this policy, the emphasis has been on practical education / internship from class 6 which will enhance their skills and will help in skills development of students.”