Sanskriti University conducted a Webinar on Warriors In White: Unexpected Heroes in a Historical Pandemic

Sanskriti University School of Medical & Allied Science and School of Pharmacy conducted a Webinar on ” WARRIORS IN WHITE: Unexpected Heroes in a Historical Pandemic”. Dr. Sujata Sharma Professor, Dept. of Biophysics at AIIMS was the Key Speaker during the webinar. Rising above the pandemic constraints and helping others in need, today the real-life COVID Warriors are playing a pivotal role. Reeling under the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic this year, the Doctors’ Day holds even more importance.

Sharing about her experience with students she said “Needless to say, doctors, nurses and people working in healthcare sector are particularly vulnerable to the highly infectious disease. In response to the global pandemic, the under-resourced doctors are facing unprecedented challenges. The list of the sleep-deprived heroes include doctors, nurses, medical cleaners, pathologists, paramedics, ambulance drivers, medical researchers and health-care administrators. In the fight against Corona virus, the brave medical army stands strong with their weapons.

Further she said the coronavirus outbreak, health-care professionals have not only experienced the gratification of healing patients and saving their lives but have also lost many battles along the way. On top of that, many doctors have even sacrificed their own lives in the line of duty. In her new book, Dr Sujata has compared the frontline workers with that of the solar system and planets. Dr Randeep Guleria who is the head of institute was like Sun the source of energy for the entire staff of AIIMS.

Chancellor of Sanskriti University Sachin Gupta said “White Warriors are continuously working to defeat the Pandemic. Doctors, health-care workers, and medical staff members are leading the battle against COVID-19 from the front. Putting their own lives at risk with selfless determination for the sake of saving lives, they truly are our unsung heroes in these challenging times”.

The sacrifice that they are making for the safety and welfare of humanity is priceless and deserves lifelong gratitude on our end.


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