Sanskriti University & NCDEX IPF Trust Hosted a Seminar on “Understanding the Commodities Derivatives Market”

 Mathura: Sanskriti University along with NCDEX IPF Trust conducted a seminar on understanding the commodities derivatives market. The speakers of the event were Harvinder Singh, Vice President, NCDEX and Ratnesh Mishra, Deputy Manager, NCDEX. Manish Shrivastava, Professor & Dean, School of Management & Commerce was the moderator at the event. The goal of the seminar was to provide students with an overview of the commodity derivatives market.

During the event, Harvinder Singh, Vice President, NCDEX, discussed commodity price risk, spot and derivatives, including forward and futures contracts. He said, “Commodity derivatives are financial instruments that allow investors to benefit from commodities without actually owning them. The initial purpose of commodity derivatives was to shield farmers against the danger of under or increased production of crops. In a nutshell, commodity derivatives minimize uncertainty for those who are more vulnerable to risk.”

Ratnesh Mishra, Deputy Manager, NCDEX, emphasized the significance of saving and investing in mitigating the impact of inflation. He also discussed various factors such as forex rates, geopolitical factors, economic factors, trade policies, and so on.

Sachin Gupta, Chancellor, Sanskriti University said, “only few people are aware of commodities market and invest in it. There is a need to educate individuals about the market, which necessitates the coordinated efforts of exchanges, market regulators, and other stakeholders. Students had a great opportunity to learn from dignitaries of NCDEX. ”