Sanskriti University Organized a webinar on Electron microscopy and its applications

Sanskriti University’s School of Basic & Applied Sciences organized a webinar on Electron microscopy and its applications. Dr. Preetam Bhardwaj Research Faculty Member, Centre of Nano Technology Research, (Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu) was present as Key speaker of the webinar and shared an insightful knowledge with university Students and research scholars.

Dr. Preetam in his keynote emphasized that Electron microscopy has a diverse range of applications in practice. The ability to view the microscopic structure of a specimen at a higher resolution than what is possible with optical microscopy gives it a distinct role in scientific research and industry applications.

Electronic microscopes are commonly used in research laboratories, universities, and nanotechnology centres. Dr. Preetam also shared the detailed information about two main types of electrons microscope, viz. the transmission electron microscope and the scanning electron microscope. Transmission electron microscope produces an image by passing a high voltage electron beam through a very thin specimen that is semi-transparent to electrons. Scanning transmission electron microscopy combines the technology of both the scanning electron microscope and the transmission electron microscope and can be performed using either piece of equipment.

While interacting with students he shared, “Electron microscopy also has applications in the electronics industry where it is used to control manufacturing processes”. The technology is used worldwide in various other industrial applications including aeronautics; in manufacturing of motor vehicles and also in the clothing industry, to name but a few.

Electron Microscopy is a good career option for those students who have enough potential to work on new research findings and provide a better outcome of findings.