Sanskriti University Organized a Webinar on “How to Become an entrepreneur

New Delhi: Sanskriti University’s School of Management & Commerce organised a webinar on ‘How to Become an entrepreneur’. Rajdeep Gautam (Founder & CEO) and Prince Agrawal (Director & CFO) at Legal 24by7 were presented as key speakers. The aim of the webinar was to enhance the fresh minds to plan their own venture in their desired interest. The Webinar was attended by Sachin Gupta, Chancellor & Dr. Rana Singh, Vice Chancellor of Sanskriti University along with faculty members and Students of School of Management & Commerce.

While interacting with Students, Rajdeep Gautam explained the difference between education and learning: Education is extrinsic, passive and curriculum-led. Learning is intrinsic, active and curiosity-led. “While a well-defined curriculum paves the way for greater learning outcomes; when the two facets of education and learning work together, it can lead to solving some of the world’s greatest problems.” He also said it was equally important for aspiring entrepreneurs to be aware of the various platforms for incubation, the business components, and financial and legal aspects.

Prince Agrawal emphasized on topics like entrepreneurship, what are some qualities to become an entrepreneur etc. He also shared his personal experience with the participants, highlighting some tips to be followed in order to become an entrepreneur and climb the ladder of success.

“It was such an interactive and informative session for all the students as well as us faculty members. We at Sanskriti University have always emphasized the importance of learning new trends and technology to cope with the changing times and trends. Becoming an entrepreneur creates a vast area of opportunities to live your dream at an early age” said, Sachin Gupta Chancellor of Sanskriti University.

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