Sanskriti University organized Fashion Show 2022

 Mathura: For the last few years, Sanskriti University has been organizing a fashion event; this year this show was held at the Megafest called SPARK 2022. The show was based on different themes like Mohenjo-Daro, China, Cocktail, Egypt, Hawaiian, Cowboy, Camouflage, Neoplatus, etc. During the fashion show, students got an opportunity to exhibit their collections designed by them. The chief guest of the event was the Chancellor of the Sanskriti University, Sachin Gupta who graced his presence.


The college students showcased their wondrous creativity on the dress materials as they presented their creations. There were the dresses which were designed by the students of fashion technology. Some students designed the beauty of mystic design adorned with various vibrant colors. The atmosphere of the fashion show became more pleasing with soothing colors presented on the ramp.


While commenting on the fashion show, the Chancellor of Sanskriti University said, “The event was organized for the students to showcase their talents and it is our way of affirming the diverse culture of India represented by the students. The appreciation for the hard work and talent of a young designer can be seen by everyone present at the SPARK 2022 event.”


SPARK 2022, Techno- Cultural Fest has been designed to spark up young talented minds and provide them with a platform to express their imagination in the form of dance, drama, art, design, architecture, etc. Along with last year’s successful categories like Group Dance Competition, Virtual Jamming Sessions, Broadway Style Theatre, Solo Dance & Song Contests, Instrumental Music Competition, Short Film Genre, Mural Art Showcasing, exhibiting products made of upcycled materials, Caption Contest, etc, new categories have been added in the competition like Abhinay (Drama), Ad- Mad (Spontaneous ad making competition), Couple dance, Signature Look (Makeup competition), and many more.


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