Sanskriti University – School of Law and Legal studies organised a webinar on “Demystifying Mental Health from Asian Perspective”

Sanskriti University School of Law and Legal studies organised a webinar on “Demystifying Mental Health from Asian Perspective”. The webinar aimed to inform the students about mental health and how we can treat it just like another part of our body. Ms Sandeep Saib (Mental Health advocate, philanthropist and public speaker, UK) was the Keynote speaker of the Webinar and gave a brief insight into mental health and how we should treat our mental problems.

While interacting with students Sandeep said “Mental health is all about the mind and the life experiences. Some experiences can be very impactful and can lead to severe mental health cases. There are wide range of mental health issues out there from schizophrenia to psychosis, to anxiety, to depression and so much more. There are so many misconceptions around mental health among the people. It is a highly stigmatized and discriminated topic and in this, there is a lot of name-callings, bullying and being seen as a burden to the family.” She further added “the tip for all the students is it’s okay to not be okay. it’s okay to feel down for few days and it’s okay to feel vulnerable and there is no shame in that. Please talk to somebody either to your parents, teachers, mentors or even friends. If you are not able to talk, try to write it down and maintain a journal. You can also write the reflection of your day in it. It will be very helpful and don’t feel ashamed in reaching out someone whom you trust.”

Mr Vivek Agrawal (Director General, Sanskriti University) said “our thoughts about mental health were different but after listening to Ms. Sandeep Saib, we understand it differently. COVID has made us realise how important our mental health is. There is so much information on what we should do and don’t around this pandemic situation, I would request students to clarify every information you get from professionals before applying it.”

Mr Rana Singh Vice-Chancellor said, “It was a very informative session for all of us and the students community learnt a lot about mental health.” He extended his heartfelt thanks to the International Speaker and congratulated her for conducting the webinar perfectly and addressing the questions wonderfully.


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