Saturated student work

The students’ expeditionary practice program includes research, education and career guidance.
As part of the complex research expedition “Kalevala 2021”, undergraduate students studying in the direction of “Restoration and adaptation of objects of wooden architecture” – Alexander Tikhonov, Anton Ryamyakov, Ksenia Efimova continued work on the survey of objects of cultural heritage of the XVII-XIX centuries and took part in educational work of the expedition in the Kalevala region.

On June 9, students at the ECC “KALEVALATALO” held an hour-long lecture for schoolchildren on the topic “Wooden architecture”.

Also, Elena Igorevna Ratkova carried out vocational guidance work with secondary school students.

On the same day, a survey of the historical site began, namely the house of G.A. Leontyeva, located in the village of Kalevala on Selskaya street.

On June 10, measurements of Leontyeva’s house were completed, its technical condition was determined, photographic material was taken to create a 3D model, and its processing began.

On June 11, students took part in the educational work of the expedition.

A lecture for the population on the topic “Wooden architecture” was held in the library of the village.

The students also talked about modern technologies for examining wooden architecture objects.

After the lecture, an examination of the supporting structures of the roof in the house of engineer Moberg was carried out. The rafter system of the house attracted attention for its uniqueness for the north of Karelia at that time.

The results obtained in the expedition will be used by the Office of the Protection of Architectural Monuments, the Research Institute of Historical and Theoretical Problems of Folk Architecture of PetrSU and the UNESCO Chair for writing scientific articles, graduation qualifications and participation in conferences and forums.


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