Satya Bharti School and Ericsson jointly organise an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) session to educate young girls in Punjab

Punjab : According to Women in Tech Net, women currently represent 17% of the total workforce in the ICT industry. Satya Bharti School with a special focus on delivering education in rural India organised a virtual session in collaboration with Ericsson. The Information and communication technology (ICT) session organised was aimed to encourage young girls to pursue science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education. For the first time Satya Bharti School students attended such a session with a footfall of 82 girls from seven Satya Bharti schools including 5 Satya Bharti Adarsh Senior Secondary schools in Jhaanri, Chogawa, Sherpurkalan and two Satya Bharti schools in Mohie and Rauni, Punjab. The programme curriculum aims to introduce these students to the world of advanced technology by improving their general understanding as well as providing hands-on experience of programming and digital tools. Over an hour long session was led by Ericsson enabling young girls to learn the basics of programming, further enhancing the skills to choose a career in science and technology. Students were also taken to Robotic Labs for a demo, which showed them how the world changes when introduced to technology. The robotics labs powered by Ericsson to impart knowledge in the areas of new technologies, coding, programming, and robotics.

The initiative was aimed to turn students from technology consumers to creators. Education for girls not only gives them the chance to learn and find better opportunities in life and work, but also helps build strong, healthy societies that gives everyone, including boys and men, the chance to reach their full potential as people and citizens of the world. In addition to education, it is important to help girls choose the right careers.