SAUDIA Airlines Contracts with GE Digital for Digital Asset Records Management

California – GE Digital today announced that SAUDIA Airlines will be implementing GE Digital’s Aviation Software Asset Records solution. The contract extends the partnership between Saudia and GE creating further operational efficiencies and cost optimization.

The GE Digital Asset Records system makes it easy for operators to streamline records management with a single, cloud-based solution. Airlines are able to digitize, index, and archive all maintenance records and match those records to the relevant M&E (Maintenance & Engineering) system. In addition, they can connect the records and data of internal and external operations and easily facilitate documentation between airlines and lessors.

By implementing Asset Records, SAUDIA is anticipating achieving benefits including reduction in records management overhead, time savings for engineering, easier data retrieval, optimization of the transfer of assets between the airline and other entities, and more. The airline will be utilizing GE Digital’s Asset Transfer System to streamline and simplify the way leased-asset documentation is managed with lessors, as well as MRO Connect, Workflow Management, and M&E Systems Integration. In addition, the solution includes expert professional services for the digitization of all historical backlog and help the Saudia team with day to day management of tech records processes and asset transfer packages.

MRO Connect allows extension into additional cloud-based systems
Workflow Management allows users to manage error correction and paperwork remediation between the carrier and its outsourced maintenance providers
M&E Systems integration enables query of production databases of M&E systems to support higher accuracy web indexing and post document links back to these database
Commenting on the agreement, Eng. Ahmed Al Wassiah, Chief Operations Officer at SAUDIA said,

“SAUDIA places innovation among its top priorities when it comes to aircraft fleet and operations, and with this latest partnership with GE, it enables SAUDIA to transition to a seamless, all-digital solution for aircraft asset records management. With the expansion of the fleet and the airline’s aircraft modernization roadmap, an essential part of the 360 approach is to have an all-digital interface, providing real-time access to archived aircraft records in real-time, facilitating swift access to multiple features, records, and data.”

With Asset Records, airlines can streamline records management from capturing and correcting data, to searching and integrating with suppliers, connecting to existing processes and systems, and easily integrating into the workflow without worrying about compliance. And, airlines can leverage highly accurate data and enable downstream analytics to improve operations.

“This contract represents a great digital partnership with one of the region’s biggest airlines,” said Andrew Coleman, General Manager for GE Digital’s Aviation Software business. “This is a great example of companies embracing the future of flight through sustainable operations, applying proven aviation practices to emerging technologies, and adapting to an increasingly digital world.”