Save the Children will bring together celebs & public figures to help the 2 million children living on streets of India

New Delhi: The pandemic is knocking on all doors but the most vulnerable are the poor and children are affected the most, struck with a sudden lack of funds, food, mobility and most importantly, a home. Most of all, it’s the Children on the street who are exposed to some of the harshest realities.

To help these children and their families living in street situations, Save the Children will hold a 2-hour telethon – Making TheInvisibles Visible, on 26th April 2020, to spotlight the impact of the novel Corona Virus and the lockdown on their lives. The 21 days campaign will generate public interest and raise funds to ensure the 20 Lakh+ children that live, earn, sleep and eat on the streets are cared for and protected.

The telethon will see government officials, celebrities and influencers like Mithali Raj, India Women’s National Cricket Team Captain, Artist Ambassador Dia Mirza, Actors- Aparna Sen, Huma Qureshi, Neha Dhupia and Angad Bedi, Mandana Karini, Internationally acclaimed photographer and an erstwhile street connected child Vicky Roy, American Indian Author & self-help guru Deepak Chopra among others. They will congregate virtually to raise awareness and show their support to the child rights organisation.

All donations and funds raised during the telethon will go in providing:

– Hygiene kit for high-risk population containing essentials to keep children and their family safe from COVID-19 (Masks, sanitizers, soaps, sanitary towels etc.)

– Food basket (Rice, dals, spices, potato, onion etc.)

– Clothes for lactating mothers, sanitary pads, cotton rolls

– Health support for children and families in need

Apart from immediate response, Save the Children will continue with long term support for the most affected children and communities even after the lockdown is over, to help communities stand back on their feet. Addressing the loss of school days and education, health and nutrition needs and protection to the most vulnerable children will be the top priority for Save the Children as we gradually move towards normalcy.

As part of its humanitarian outreach for COVID-19, Save the Children has activated response in 13 states of India with emergency relief, helping the government with dry ration distribution, hygiene and dignity kits, and raising awareness on basic hygiene and social distancing. Child Champions are leading community awareness sessions at village, Gram Panchayat level, temporary isolation center & children staying at CCIs (Child Care Institutions) on handwashing and use of masks. Three Youth Champions Priyanka, Ramghani and Pinky Baira are also monitoring the supply chain of sanitary pads which had become a scare resource for girls in villages.

Other activities being carried out includes: Stitching of cotton mask, providing livelihood opportunities to women and adolescent girls and free distribution of Mask to the senior citizens, persons with disabilities & children.

It’s estimated that India has the largest number of street children in the world, in a highly vulnerable state, because of their harsh living circumstances, exploitation, violence and omission in policy and welfare schemes.