SaveLIFE Foundation looks to inspire people with #DarshakNahiRakshakBane campaign


New Delhi: SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF), a non-profit, non-governmental organization committed to improving road safety and emergency medical care across India, launched a new campaign ‘Darshak Nahi Rakshak Bane’ with an aim to spread awareness and sensitize road users about the importance of saving lives of road crash victims.


The initiative is based on a national Study conducted by SaveLIFE Foundation (SLF) which revealed that three out of four people were hesitant to help road crash victims and 88% of them attributed this hesitation to fear of legal and procedural hassles. Due to the need for a supportive legal environment to protect Good Samaritans, i.e., bystanders and passers-by who render help to road crash victims, SLF filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) in the Supreme Court of India. SLF did so to safeguard Good Samaritans who assist victims injured in road crashes from ensuing harassment by Police, detention at hospitals and prolonged court proceedings.


The long-term objective of the campaign is to create an environment where a bystander or Good Samaritan is free from the fear of facing any civil and criminal liability arising out of helping a road crash victim. The emphasis is on making people aware that a Good Samaritan cannot be coerced to disclose their identity or any other personal details.


India is considered the global road crash capital, clocking 17 deaths and 53 crashes every hour. Many of these victims could have been saved if they had received proper medical treatment on time. Bystanders can play a significant role in saving the lives of road crash victims. In its 201st Report, the Law Commission of India states that 50% of lives can be saved if timely medical care is rendered within the first hour. However, bystanders, who are often the first link in the chain of survival, are hesitant to come forward to help, and therefore the precious opportunity to save a life during the Golden Hour is lost.


“As per the 201st report of the Law Commission of India, 50 percent of road crash victims can be saved with timely medical care. As emergency care service in India remains limited, the role of a bystander can be crucial to saving the life of the injured. If citizens think they are safe and feel protected, they will come forward to help the injured. Additionally, police stations and hospitals should publish the Good Samaritan charter in local languages, at the entrance or other notable locations, stating the rights of Good Samaritans under the Act” said Mr Ajai Chowdhry, Founder of Swayam Charitable Trust and Trustee, SaveLIFE Foundation.


Piyush Tewari, CEO and Founder of SaveLIFE Foundation mentioned “The principle of Darshak Nahi Rakshak Bane campaign can be applied in the current COVID-19 pandemic situation as well. We can all play an active role in ensuring the safety of people around us. With COVID-19 still very much around and India going through a second wave, we should all play our part in ensuring that we help reduce the road crash trauma burden on the already overburdened healthcare system.”

The organization has also partnered with radio channels like Fever 104 FM and Ishq 104.8 FM to educate and inspire more Good Samaritans to come forward and save lives on the road.



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