Scholarship for sustainability-focused students


Mumbai: A new Massey scholarship made possible by Air New Zealand, is aiming to support undergraduate students who have a passion for sustainability.

The Air New Zealand Sustainability Scholarships were established as part of the partnership between Massey University and Air New Zealand to support up to three undergraduate students of $5000. Sustainability is a theme of interest and priority for both Massey University and Air New Zealand.
Students will be selected based on their personal commitment to sustainability and how this will be achieved through their study at Massey as well as their academic record. Preference will be given to a Māori student, a female business student, and a student studying at distance.

Specifically, the students should be engaged in advancing understandings of how to sustain our people, our place and our economy, as outlined in the Sustainability Framework developed by Air New Zealand.

These scholarships will be of interest to students learning about and advancing progressive workplace practices, inclusive communities, an ultra-low carbon Assistant Vice-Chancellor Research, Academic and Enterprise Professor Giselle Byrnes, Air New Zealand representative Sam Winstanley and Massey scholarships committee member Dr Nives Botica Redmayne.economy, biodiversity, tourism and world-class health and safety standards.

The scholarships are open to both domestic and international undergraduate students studying full or part-time, in any field of study at Massey University, who can demonstrate their commitment to and advancement of sustainability for Aotearoa New Zealand.

Applications close on 1 April of the year the scholarship is awarded and for this year close on 1 April 2018. Applications can be made on the Massey University student portal.