Scholastic India hosts the UK’s doctor of happiness- Andy Cope

New Delhi: Scholastic India, the country’s largest publisher and distributor of children’s books has organized a workshop on “The Art of Being Brilliant” by an international author, Andy Cope for educators and students in Delhi on the 23rd and 24th of October 2019.

‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ is based on Andy Cope’s flagship program from the UK and is framed as a result of the last 15 years of research into positive psychology. It is the #1 workshop in the UK and is booked solid until 2021.

The two-day event was split between educators and students. The first day was dedicated to educators at Sirifort Auditorium while the second day was spend with students at Sri Venkateshwara School in Dwarka and DLF Public School in Sahibabad. The main agenda of the ‘The Art of Being Brilliant’ workshop is about making sure that you live every day as brilliantly as you can.

On Day 1 of the workshop, Andy Cope’s flagship program from the UK took place with a session for educators based on “The Art of being Brilliant”. In this session, Andy shared some of the best learnings from his happiness research, plus some top tips to bring it to life in the classroom and at home.
Day 2 of the workshop took place with the students of grade 7 and above from Sri Venkateswara School in Dwarka and DLF Public School I’m Sahibabad. A similar message was tailored to teenagers on this day.

“This is the biggest challenge! Once again, I will share the science of wellbeing and attempt to get young people to raise their happiness game. If we can get their mental health in the right place, their futures will be epic.”, said Andy Cope, in conclusion of his session.

Also, currently in the UK, Andy and his team are experimenting with delivering wellbeing as a curriculum subject, so teenagers get the chance to learn how to take control of their mental health. With the rise and rise of social media, this is crucial.

Research says that the Happy Planet Index has India at 140th position (out of 156 countries) which is desperately poor. In school report terms, India must do better! These are critical sessions in that respect.

“We’re so glad to be publishing Andy’s books here in India. Happiness and mindfulness is just as important as anywhere else in the world. Whether it’s for teachers or children”, said, Shantanu Duttagupta, Publisher, Scholastic India

Around 600 students along with 150 educators from 80 different schools of Delhi-NCR attended the workshop on both the days.

Dr. Andy Cope describes himself as an author, teacher and learning junkie. He has spent most of his adult life exploring the science of positive psychology, happiness and flourishing, culminating in a Ph.D. He is the best-selling author of books like A Brilliant Life, The Game of Life, The Art of Being a Brilliant Teenager, The Art of Being a Brilliant Teacher and The Art of Being a Brilliant Primary Teacher.

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