School Canvas highlighting the importance of effective communication between parents and schools in Eldrok India K12 Summit 2022

Hyderabad : School Canvas, formerly known as Parents Alarm participated in one of the most prestigious events, Eldrok India K 12 Summit 2022. Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, Founder, School Canvas, was one of the noteworthy speakers at the event along with 170 Principals including School Directors, Founders, and Chairman from different boards like CBSE, ICSE, CAMBRIDGE, and IB Boards.

During the event, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar highlighted the importance of effective communication between parents and schools enabled by ERP and ed-tech solutions. School Canvas working with the same ideology is a cloud-based education technology that helps parents come closer to their child’s school life and ensures that they are updated about their children’s academic progress. Mr. Kanhaiya took this opportunity to share about the launch of its platform, the idea behind the rebranding as well as the innovative features of the product.

This summit was held on 9th March 2022 at ITC Kohenur, Hyderabad. Eldrok is one of the world’s renowned business exhibitions and conference organizers along with an expertise in conceptualizing events specifically in the field of education.

Ever since the brand’s launch in 2010, it has savored success and is known as the leading ERP provider in the ed-tech domain. School Canvas is the country’s premier ed-tech brand that has implemented the open API concept. The platform offers a plethora of new-age school management services such as attendance tracking, lesson planning, report card analysis, and generation along with homework notifications, as well as fee reminders. The brand also helps schools with notice circulation, bus GPS tracking, e-content provision, performance updates, admission management, communication management, and much more. In the first 9 years of the firm’s existence, School Canvas’ associations were limited only to schools. However, since the past two years, they have marked their presence in conferences and conclaves as well.

Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar, Founder, School Canvas, said “We realized that the Indian education sector faces various roadblocks and the physical-digital gap is significant. We also noticed that there is a dire need for fostering effective communication between the schools and parents whilst leveraging the power of technology, especially ERP. We wanted to disrupt the market with our innovation. This is the reason why we made concerted efforts to develop our platform and integrate it with ERP software. We are thrilled to share that we have rebranded our platform from Parents Alarm to School Canvas and have launched it officially. We owe our success to our hard-working team as well as our clients and we are hoping to achieve all the more milestones in the times to come.”

Headquartered in Chennai, the brand has been present in the market for over a decade and has grown significantly over the period of time. It has emerged to be a one-stop ERP solution providing a smart, and innovative school management system that enables seamless school operations in the online space as well as communication with parents in real-time and the provision of superior educational experiences for the students. With its various models and ERP-backed platform, School Canvas has played a vital role in turning schools paperless!

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