School of the literate consumer

The Department of Energy Supply of Enterprises and Energy Saving hosted the annual school “Competent homeowner”, which is being implemented within the framework of the Federal project “School of the competent consumer”.
Raising literacy in the field of housing and communal services, awareness of the main directions of state housing policy, education of competent and responsible homeowners. Key issues: selection of a management company, determination of the list of measures to improve the energy efficiency class of apartment buildings, payment for the provided utilities.

This winter was indicative and the heat supply organizations did everything in their power to keep the houses warm. Payments for the provided service, of course, increased, including in houses heated by the Petrozavodsk CHPP.

The payment for the utility service for heating is calculated according to the readings of the common house meter during the heating period or, in its absence, according to the consumption standard in equal shares throughout the year. If there is a meter, the payment is different every month, it depends on the volume of consumption. Typically, heating charges in December, January and February are higher than heating charges in other months of the year,

– said Anna Rigina, head of the heat energy sales department of the Karelsky branch of TGC-1 PJSC.

Questions such as compiling a package of documents for the meeting of homeowners and processing the voting results were not left unattended.

4th year student Yulia Danilova shared her impressions:

The speakers were different and each talked about his profession. It is interesting to hear about real work, for example, laying pipelines and carrying out strength tests of materials, to learn about the equipment that is now used at enterprises. For myself, I found a huge plus in the fact that I managed to communicate with specialists who simply and openly talked about the specifics of their work, what awaits a young specialist when he comes to work here and now, working conditions and starting qualification requirements.

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