School-University Partnerships (SUP) Office of the HKU Faculty of Education Provides Support for Secondary School Physics Teachers and Students

The Faculty of Education at the University of Hong Kong emphasises and values partnerships with individual schools and school networks. In the current situation, when teaching and learning have to be conducted online, we understand that teachers need additional support in preparing online teaching. The SUP Office is therefore working especially hard to support local teachers at this time.

The SUP Office, together with the Faculty’s teacher education students, has produced several sets of teaching materials for Physics teachers, which are suitable for both face-to-face and online teaching. These materials cover concepts which secondary school students often find difficult to understand. Each set contains a video with bilingual subtitles and a teacher’s manual for easy explanation to students. In addition, bilingual worksheets or handouts for students are provided as part of most of the sets.

Through producing such teaching materials, not only have our students gained hands-on experience for their future career development, but they have also contributed to the overall enhancement of teaching and learning with the help of technology, creating a win-win situation both for society and for our student teachers.

Below is a list of resources prepared by our students from different programmes under the supervision of Ms Promail Leung, Director of the SUP Office and Senior Lecturer in the Academic Unit of Teacher Education and Learning Leadership (TELL):

1. 3D Magnetic Flux Model by Chui Man Hin and Leung Pui Fong [Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in Physics (Secondary)]:

2. Fidget Spinner Experiment by Chow Chin Long, Luk Cheuk Hei and Tse Hei Man [Bachelor of Education and Bachelor of Science (BEd&BSc)]:

3. Free-body box by Leung Ka Long, Ho Shing Hei and Yeung Wing Ki [PGDE in Physics (Secondary)]:

4. Visualisation of Centripetal Acceleration by Luk Cheuk Hei and Poon Ka Yeung (BEd&BSc):

5. Investigating Moment of Force by a Ruler by Chow Chin Long (BEd&BSc):

6. Random Moving Electrons by Hui Yuet, Kwong Ho Yin and Vijay Kishan Pahilwani [PGDE in Mathematics (Secondary)]:

7. See the Unseen: Ray Diagram Visualising Model by So Chin Long [PGDE in Physics (Secondary)] and Wan Ching Ho (Bachelor of Science):

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